Trading online made simple

Set up an account and manage transactions in multiple currencies

Here at Muloot Money, we understand that online marketplaces and merchants may need a little help to launch and grow globally. Through dedicated business growth tools and bespoke marketplace consulting, we can open up international borders together.

Quick, non-restrictive money management

Current banking and pre-paid account providers can be slow to react to applications. They are often tied to KYC restrictions and certain sectors/countries are considered off limits. This means that setting up a bank account can be challenging, time-consuming, costly and sometimes even impossible.

The Muloot Way

Finding the right banking provider is therefore essential, whether you’re having trouble setting up an account, or simply want access to a full transactional service across multiple currencies.

How exactly can Muloot help you set up & manage your account?

  • Set up accounts across more than 25 currencies
  • Produce multi-currency physical and virtual IBANs in your own name across multiple jurisdictions
  • Access a fully transparent, transactional service with personalised support in real-time
  • Join our Merchant Member community to further reduce the cost of international bank transfers

Keen to work together to set up and manage an account for your e-commerce?Call us now on 0330 094 5885

Our UK based call centre is open from 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and is available on live chat from 9.30am to 1pm on Saturday. Alternatively, email us at customerservices@mulootmoney.com, or newaccounts@mulootmoney.com